Friday, November 02, 2007

Link Round-Up: Popular Culture Edition

Another link round-up, this time more or less all about popular culture (as usual, this was serendipitous, not planned). Things to read or watch or look at:

Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Greatest Album covers of all time.

The New Yorker's profile of David Simon, the creator of The Wire (possibly the best TV show ever).

The twelve devices Charles Schultz considered essential for Peanuts' success. (via)

• Somewhat off-topic (or is an internet joke popular culture? I can't keep track): An open letter (via).

• Geek humor: Frank Miller meets Adam West. (Also: Pink Batman.)

The Star Trek captain that wasn't: clips of Genevieve Bujold, the actor who was hired to play Voyager's captain Janeway, in a few of the scenes she did for the role before being replaced with Kate Mulgrew.

Joss Whedon's doing a new TV show, with Elisha Dushku... except that he just went out on strike. Drat. (Links to more here. Oh, and the show already has a fan site. Dang.)

Abigail Nussbaum has links to the twelve minute "pilot" for the unmade Veronica Mars season four (part two). Despite the unevenness of seasons two and three (in contrast to the utter brilliance of season one) -- and despite some serious misgivings about the premise of the proposed season four -- I'd definitely have watched it. Too bad they didn't make it.

(Update: links added.)

(Housekeeping note: As previously noted, I'm in the midst of a blog-slowdown, so original content (as opposed to links such as these, and even to some extent those) will be light until mid-November at least. Check back then for more substantial Attempts...)

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