Monday, November 12, 2007

Word of the Day

Quoth Fred Clarke: "Acts 8:26-39. This is the story of the apostle Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. Now to a liberal backslider such as myself, this passage is another example of the anvilicious motif of inclusion that dominates the first half of Luke's account."

"Anvilicious". Hmm. Not in my mac dictionary. Fortunately, Google knows all.* From the site "Television tropes":
A portmanteau of anvil and either delicious or malicious, depending on the usage, anvilicious describes a writer's and/or director's use of an artistic element, be it line of dialog, visual motif, or plot point, to so obviously convey a particular message that the viewer feels as if he is being hit on the head with an anvil. Frequently, the element becomes anvilicious through unnecessary repetition, but true masters can achieve anviliciousness with a single stroke. Heavy-handed for the new millennium.... If the work of art goes beyond anvilicious into hectoring lectures, then it has become an Author Filibuster.
Got it! Use it in a sentence to be sure: "Bush long since reached an an anvilicious level of evil."

Cool word. Thanks, Fred!

(Click through to TV motifts to read a list of examples, and for links to other amusing TV terms with applicability to real life; click through to Fred's site for a characteristically good slacktivist post.)

* Including, unfortunately, the speculative, the possible but not actual, and the outright false.

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