Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Posting: Two Blogospheric Traditions

One of the things I like about the blogosphere is its nescient culture and traditions. I haven't done all that many specific blogosphere games (just one meme), but I do like them. And because of various circumstances I can participate, this week, in not one but two blog traditions that I don't usually do.

The first of these is the Friday Random Ten. The notion here is simple: get random songs from your iPod, note the first ten, and post them. I haven't been able to do this until now because I haven't had an iPod. But I was given one for my recent birthday; and after a few weeks most of my music (and some other fun stuff) is now on the iPod. I doubt I'll do it every week, but for now, here is a


1) The Lord of the Rings, unabridged reading by Rob Inglis: the Fellowship of the Ring, Disk 3, Track 20
2) * Ditto, The Return of the King, Disk 11, Track 9 (beginning of chapter 7, "Homeward Bound")
3) Talking Heads, "I'm Not in Love"
4) George Harrison, "All Things Must Pass"
5) Annie (the musical), "It's the Hard Knock Life"
6) Tracy Chapman, "Mountains O' Things"
7) The Beatles, "I Saw Her Standing There" (live version, from the BBC)
8) ** The Hobbit, unabridged reading by Rob Inglis, Disk 6, track 11
9) Pimsleur Mandarin Set II, Unit 13 - Readings Track
10) Eric Clapton, "After Midnight"

* Yes, I have the entire thing on here. It comes up a lot on "random" because they put track dividers every three minutes, so there are a lot of tracks.
** Yes, I have The Hobbit too. Shut up.

This, incidentally, is why I never play my iPod on random -- I have a special playlist called "songs" which includes all but only songs, and if I want random I play that. But as I understand the rules of the Friday Random Ten, one sets random for everything one has on the iPod... which, for me, includes some non-music and leads to some weird choices. So it goes.

The other Friday blog tradition is pet blogging. This began with Kevin Drum's cat blogging, but has since expanded to a lot of different types of Friday blogging (plus parallels on other days too). Well, we don't have any pets... but we do occasionally pet-sit a pair of unrepentant felons known as Weber and Fields. They're with us this week, so here we have


Ruler of the Roost

Everything is Tasty

Squabbling (not kissing, despite how it looks)

Happy Friday!

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