Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Biting My Nails

Some in the Bush administration wanted North Korea to get the bomb (via) They thought it would be "clarifying". What's it clarify -- that we should wage an aggressive war on them too? Is that in addition to Iran or instead? (Clearly it's in addition to the two, count 'em, two wars we're fighting now.)

The U.S. is now a model for other countries... who want to torture their citizens too, just like we do.

Of course, even if the Democrats win both houses on November 7, some idiots are saying they should make nice with the pro-torture, anti-habeas corpus, pro-war crimes, incompetant-to-tie-their-own-shoes-let-alone-govern-a-country-or-win-a-war party. But good lord, it would be something.

I know the signs are positive, but the stakes are so damn high. (Although even there: at this point all the Dems could do would be to mitigate, and to expose, the damage. So much has already been done. I personally am of the opinion that the U.S. might well never recover from this administration. But in any event it would take a long time.)

Did I mention global warming?

Too little; maybe too late. But if we can win, it'll be something.


If if if if if....

Two more weeks. Do what you can. We need this one, folks.

Update: Publius is more elegant than I on a similar point, with an added good point about what a defeat might actually mean if (Heaven forefend) it might mean. Check out his post.

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