Friday, November 10, 2006

Snark and Boojum: Friday Bird Blogging

Posting pictures of one's pets is a blogosphere tradition -- one which I even participated in once when we were birdsitting some friends' cockatiels.

But something new came into our lives this week. No, not the Democratic Congress -- something else.

I'm speaking of a pair of lovebirds which we (re)named Snark and Boojum.

These are the first pets my wife and I ever adopted together. (She had a fish when we began dating). They seem, so far, happy and very loud. They seem to be constantly either snuggling contentedly or squabbling -- an old married couple, in other words. They're both male (we think), and they're something like 2 - 3 years old.

So, by way of both introduction and Friday Bird Blogging, here are Snark and Boojum:

That's Snark on the right and Boojum on the left.

How did we get them? We charmed them with smiles and soap, obviously.

So I hope you'll all join me in giving an enthusiastic welcome to Snark and Boojum...

(You can read about their namesakes here or here.)

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