Wednesday, December 13, 2006

McCain versus Free Speech

I've got a whole new pile of exams to grade, so this will be quick, but John McCain is introducing legislation that will hamper the ability of blogs to function, in particular blog "communities" like Daily Kos. I trust that I don't need to explain to anyone who's reading this why this is so !@#$% evil.

I'd say "so much for those who think that McCain is some sort of Goldwater-style libertarian", except that anyone who still thinks that John "sign off on torture" McCain is a libertarian just isn't paying attention. McCain is someone who wants to be president, and has shown himself willing to do anything, say anything and pander to anybody he needs to to make that happen.

The real question is what will the right-wing blogosphere think of this? They're bloggers too. (Not as many of them have big comment sections or diaries the way DailyKos does... but some do.)

More if/when I see it. If anyone knows of any good actions to take to oppose this, please leave them in comments.

Update: Here's commentary from Digby, who also links to this news story on the issue. And Patrick Nielsen Hayden's not happy.

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Anonymous said...

Goldwater style libertarian!
McCain has always been the furthest thing from it.We ultra-right-wing libertarian conservatives hate the guys politics because he reminds us of you lefties in the belief that everything needs to be regulated or banned.Free political speech for starters-campaign finance reform anyone? He also opposes cockfighting,
the UFC and other MMA...human cockfighting he calls it.He is weak on the 2nd amendment too.He is for letting illegal aliens draw the social security they paid on identity theft SS cards.Except for the WAR and abortion the guy is a freakin' liberal! I only scratched the surface of some of the Rights disgust with McCain.Hey this crap he wants on the interwebs now ...
I'ts For The Children!!!!
Thats what you fuckin' Commies always say when you take away our rights.