Friday, January 04, 2008

Bird Blogging: Houseguests Edition

We have houseguests this week: two additional birds who are here, along with our regular overlords companions. So it seems like a good week to indulge in some Friday bird blogging.

I present to you: a not-very-still life with four birds (plus non-avian bird perch):

Up on the stick are our regular houseguests Weber and Fields (their namesakes are introduced here); down on Sara's arm are our live-in lovebirds Snark and Boojum (and their namesakes are introduced here).

And because I love these four-bird shots, and it's my blog, here's another:

And a close-up of Weber and Fields:

And of Snark and Boojum:

(Snark is the upper one, who is lighter green; Boojum is lower, and more blue-ish.)

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures!