Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hair of the Dog: Day After Linkfest

I'll probably add to this as the day goes on, but here are some interesting things I've read about last night's election upset.

Glenn Greenwald on how the media is !@#$%ed up. (Also here.)

Matt Ygelsias has an interesting chart about the polls' reliability, and a brief but crucial comment on the (non) relevance of the Wilder (aka Bradley) Effect.

Publius starts off talking about gender-backlash, but it turns into a very good brief on why he's for Obama.

Some good advice for anti-Clinton folks from Kos; via Atrios, who adds:
I certainly know people in real life who a) don't want Clinton to win and b) are tempted to vote for her every time they're exposed to the way she's treated by the deeply broken monsters in our mainstream media.
Count me in that camp. I will vote for Obama next month; but it'd be good if this serves to chasten the sexist, appalling media coverage of HRC.

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