Saturday, January 19, 2008

Technical Problem Bleg: Quotes Not Working

Over four months ago, I added random quotes to my sidebar. I used a script on a blog that's now taken down. The quote file is here. It all worked fine for four months. And then suddenly yesterday the quotes stopped loading -- all I see now is a blank space. (I tried a couple browsers.) Anyone have any idea why this happened or how to fix it? Thanks --

(I can't think how to post it here without it working, but if anyone is good with this stuff I'll send you an email with the html....)

Update, February 15: ...And then, weeks later -- long after I'd given up and decided to remove the quote widget entirely (although, luckily, before I'd gotten around to actually doing so) -- they spontaneously started working again. Very, very weird. I presume it's something that blogger did to its software or something -- both times. But that is a presumption that is 100% cluelessness, and 0% reality-based, so take it for what it's worth: zip.

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