Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cool Webcomic

I don't read enough web comics -- certainly given my affection for comics, and the amount of awesome stuff out there. I must admit that I myself prefer to read comics on dead trees -- it matters for me for comics far more than it does for prose, for some reason. But Gerry Canavan, the blogger with by far the best hit/miss ratio in terms of his links being worthwhile to follow (modulo my own interests and tastes, natch) just linked to a new SF web comic called "Cura Te Ipsum" -- which is Latin for "heal thyself", as in "physician, heal thyself". Gerry noted that "the SF starts in earnest on page ten", which kept me going through a slightly slow introduction. The link above takes you to the main page, which displays the most-recent page (they post three pages a week, MWF), but I think it's well worth your while to start on the very first page and read forward from there. So far (I just read the first 57 pages) I'd describe it as an SF thriller; it's tightly written, with very slick and well-crafted art. Anyone who thinks "well done SF thriller web comic" is something that they might enjoy should check it out.

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