Monday, August 06, 2007

A Memorial For Those Killed at Virginia Tech

SF writer Michael Bishop was one of those who lost family in the Virginia Tech massacre just under four months ago: his son, Jamie Bishop, was among the 32 innocents (to use Bishop's word) murdered there on that day. Yesterday, Michael Bishop proposed a fitting memorial to the dead. Along with other relatives of those killed, he
...urge[s] the administration to convert a part of Norris Hall into a center for the study of international peace and crime prevention -- as one component in a campaign to promote peace and campus safety everywhere.

Many of those slain, wounded or emotionally scarred by the April 16 shootings were international students or faculty members. There could be no more fitting memorial to the dead, or tribute to the survivors, than to redeem the horror that occurred in Norris Hall by establishing such a center within its walls.
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