Friday, August 17, 2007

New to the Blogroll

I just pulled a dozen links from my "add to the blogroll file" and, well, added them to my blogroll. As usual, it's a rather eccentric collection of blogs which discuss a diverse set of issues; I doubt anyone besides me would find all of them interesting. For each blog I've linked below to a sample post, one of those that makes me find that blog interesting.

Standard Disclaimer: blogs on my blogroll are (some of the) ones that I find interesting. I may not agree with everything (or anything) on them; and your mileage may vary.

Abecedarian Web Log
- the blog of Craig Conley, whose atlas of blank maps I was recently plugging. He posts excerpts of his published work and other interesting things here. See, for example, his collection of oldest tricks in the book.

ADD Blog -- Alan David Doane was one of the first comics bloggers I ever read. He was on extended hiatus for a while, but he's back, and so he's in the blogroll. Lately he's added a bunch of peak oil blogging to his comics mix. Sample posts: ADD's pair of posts on good comics stores: one, two.

Charlie's Diary - blog of SF writer Charlie Stross. Check out his essay on why he doesn't support the notion of space colonization.

Crooks and Liars - One of the major left blogs, which I'd somehow managed not to include before. C&L specializes in video clips, such as this clip from the best news show on television.

Dykes to Watch Out For -- the blog of cartoonist Alison Bechdel (a favorite of mine), which includes recent episodes of her ongoing comics strip of the same name.

Emes Ve-Emunah - Rabbi Harry Maryles' blog. Largely about Jewish cultural issues. Rabbi Maryles's perspective is solidly and non-defensively modern Orthodox, but he does critique enemies to his right as well as his left. I found it when I was looking for comments about Noah Feldman's recent NYT Magazine article; his post on this topic is here.

Eye on Comics - Don MacPherson's comics reviews. See, for example, his review of Fun Home, the recent memoir by Alison Bechdel (q.v.).

Greta Christina's Blog - Greta blogs about atheism and sex (she writes erotica among other things) as well as sundry other things; some of her posts will be NSFW. I liked her post about the atheist's version of Pascal's wager.

The Magnes Zionist - the pseudononymous blog of a left-wing Orthodox Israeli academic, "Jerry Haber", on Israeli politics. An example of the sort of post he does that I find interesting: No, Rivkele, The Jews Weren't Driven into Exile by the Romans.

Rootless Cosmopolitan -- Tony Karon's blog, largely politics, largely international, fairly left. An example of the sort of post he does that I find interesting: How the 1967 War Doomed Israel.

Whatever - How could I have forgotten to add this blog to my blog roll after I gave his post "Being Poor" the fifth official Attempts Best of the Blogosphere™ award? Well, somehow I managed. Better late than never, I guess. Whatever is the blog of SF writer John Scalzi, and is so-titled for its miscellaneous nature.

The Whole Five Feet -- Christopher Beha is reading the Harvard Classics at the rate of one a week, and is blogging it (linking to the full text online each time.) Here's what he wrote about part one of Don Quixote.

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