Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Republicans Filibuster Restoration of Habeas Corpus

The vote was 56-43 for the basic principle of democratic liberty (via) -- but of course 60 votes are needed to pass anything in the Senate -- at least when Democrats control the Senate.

Every Democrat voted to restore habeas corpus, I'm happy to say, as did the independent Bernie Sanders. Also unwilling to betray the cause of freedom were six Republicans: Specter, Sununu, Smith, Snowe, Hagel, and Lugar.

Traitors to every principle of moral government were all the rest of the Republicans, and the perfidious warmonger of Connecticut. May God forgive them -- and may the people of the United States not. They are enemies of liberty and democracy, and should be thrown out of office at the first available opportunity.

(Lest you get too excited about the Democrats showing signs of courage and dedication to principle, however, you should read the main part of Glenn Greenwald's post for today.)

Update: Factual error corrected. (According to the Senate page, Sen. Reid did vote for closure; I don't know why Daily Kos says differently.)

Update 2: Oh, and on the whole "60 votes" thing, what Digby said. The Democrats really ought to force full, honest-to-God filibusters on most if not all of this stuff... maybe not the "giving DC a seat in the house" (I'm for it, but not sure it's real-live-filibuster worthy); but the restoration of habeas corpus? The war bills? Damn straight. If the Republicans are filibustering multiple bills in a single day, this tool has gotten way out of hand. The Democrats should force them to stand there and talk themselves horse in order to block habeas corpus, a draw-down from Iraq, and other things. Make them actually filibuster for their filibusters. Get the press to report it. We might actually win some; and if not, we'll definitely win the political theater. Their crimes thrive in the dark; and actual filibuster would let in the light.

Update 3: And the Webb amendment!! -- practically the vote, 56 - 44. As Publius says, it's been a shameful day for the Senate Republicans. MAKE THEM ACTUALLY FILIBUSTER.

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