Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Link Round-Up

Again mostly politics (but not entirely, so scroll down if you want to close your eyes to the disaster we're living...).


Ezra Klein reviews Hilary Clinton chief pollster Mark Penn's new book; hilarity ensues.

• I don't like Roy Zimmerman in general as much as P. Z. Myers does, but this most recent song of his, "Thanks for the Support", really hits home. Funny, if you like your humor dark & bitter.

John Nichols reminds us that the founders intended Congress, not the President, to have the power of war; and specifically thought impeachment was important for this. Be nice if someone in the !@#$% Congress read this...

• Everyone's linking to this article about Iraq as a dollar auction (hell, Andrew Sullivan's linked to it twice) -- I think I first saw it via Chris Hayes. But the basic reason everyone's linking to it is that it's so bloody accurate. Read it.

Juan Cole thinks that the next Democratic president will get screwed by Iraq (and thus loose in 2012). I don't think he's right, but his arguments are definitely worth considering.

• Finally, I don't know if Andrew Sullivan worrying about Cheney attacking Iran is worth reading for itself (although if you want to worry, here's some fodder; and here's some more (via) -- both, it's worth noting, in British papers.). But I have to pause and kind of shake my head at how far he's come in the last six years. Rather astonishing.

Not Politics:

• I think you may have to be in academia to find this hysterically funny. But if you are...

• And, not politics: this youtube video has Wallace Stevens reading his own extraordinary poem "The Snow Man". The visuals aren't what's important: just close your eyes and listen.

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