Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging, Recent and Forthcoming

Counting this post, I've put up 27 posts in September: significantly surpassing my previous record of 20 for a single month (from March of this year and July, 2006). For various reasons, however, I have quite suddenly gotten far busier, and will likely stay that way for a while -- through October at least, and possibly well into November.

So while September was busy here at Attempts, don't expect October to be. It doesn't mean I've abandoned the blog (FSM forbid!); it's just (unavoidably) on the back burner for a while.

This also means that my ongoing-series on The Liberal Argument Against Hillary Clinton will have to be delayed. I quite definitely intend to finish it -- and to do so before any primary ballots are cast. But it won't be on the schedule I optimistically forecast for in my most recent entry. I may get an entry or two up in October; otherwise, look for the final three parts in November.

Finally, since I have done so many posts this month, I thought I'd highlight a few of the better ones, in case you missed them. (They slipped down page faster than usual, after all.)

As far as political posts go, aside from the aforementioned Clinton series, I also was personally fond of my 9/11 memorial post, Grief and the Uses of Grief, which, while ending on a political note, had some more general things to say about grief and loss, too.

In non-political posts, I would draw your attention to my review of Gene Wolfe's two-volume novel, The Wizard Knight; and my review of Bryan Talbot's graphic novel, Alice in Sunderland.

And while it's probably of less general interest, my tracking down of a quote from Montaigne might be of interest to some. This came up, of course, with the addition of random sidebar quotes to Attempts, which also happened this month; re-load the page to get a new quote, or go here to see all of them.

I hope you'll bear with me in the forthcoming slowdown; I particular apologize for the delay in the Clinton series (although, to repeat, I have very intention of finishing it before any votes are cast). The present busyness, while it is likely to last a few weeks at minimum, is temporary, and will lift eventually. (Also, if the past is any guide, the fact that I'm putting up a "slowdown forthcoming" notice all-but guarantees that I'll have a new post up shortly. Seems to always happen that way.)

And, as always, my deep & sincere thanks for reading.

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