Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No, Click Here and Drag Instead

Gerry is right: sometimes XKCD is better than it usual brilliance.  Today was one of those days.

You have to click through to the main page to get the context.  Do a little clicking and dragging.

Then, when you're finding the interface frustrating, go here instead and use this version.  Much easier. (via facebook)

Post Scriptum: While I'm mentioning alternate XKCD format, anyone trying to read the strip on an iPhone or iPad (or, I presume (but don't know personally) on other smartphones/tablets), and who is frustrated that they can't get the mouseover text (always worth it, and often the best-part), should bookmark this page where you just click on the image for it.

Post Post Scriptum, Utterly Unrelated to the Post: It looks like blogger finally did as it's been threatening and removed the old, easy-and-pleasant-to-use interface and replaced it with the new, difficult-and-irritating-to-use-interface.  (Slower, too!)  I feel like The Dude when he stands there and says: "Well, they finally did it. They killed my fucking car."

Ah well.  At least they let me switch back after the first forced-trial and get a few more glorious months of usability out of it.  Now it's done.  Fucking Nazis.  (Are we going to split hairs here?  Am I wrong?)

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