Monday, September 10, 2012


I just wanted to shout-out my support (little as it means) to the Chicago Teacher's Union in their strike. And most especially to my old, dear friend PJ Karafiol, whose op-ed on the strike can be read here. (Reasonable, persuasive, judicious, and far more even tempered than I could probably manage in similar circumstances. Just like PJ.)

Oh, and in case anyone to the left of Ayn Rand, or Paul Ryan -- but I repeat myself -- has any doubts on this issue, Ryan is with Rahm Emanuel. Kind of all you need to know, really.

What's sad is that it's not instantly clear what side the other candidates will be on. Hell, Emanuel was Obama's first chief of staff. Maybe Obama thinks the teachers should just work for free.

I wonder how Obama's going to dodge this one. Side with Emanuel, and you side with Romney and Ryan against teachers. Side with the strikers... and, well, he might side with working people (and kids!) against austerity. Can't have that, can you?

So come on, Obama. Which side are you on?

But, mostly, screw national politics. Someone is standing up for something important. Solidarity!

More info on the stakes and issues can be found here and here.
Support the strikers here. Or just order them a pizza.

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