Thursday, March 08, 2007

Covering Cerebus, Appendix: Cerebus Links

In the course of writing my eight-part series on Cerebus, I did a lot of surfing. If you're interested in Cerebus, here are some links I'd recommend.

- All the covers to Cerebus are reproduced here; likewise here. Without those two sites, I couldn't have written my series.
- This is the single best essay I read about Cerebus -- it covers the terrain of my first two posts from the point of view of a person who was reading Cerebus as it came out rather than in retrospect. Highly recommended.
- This is the major fan site for Cerebus. It includes a few online stories, many of which can also be found here.
- Dave Sim's own introduction to Cerebus ("Free Cerebus" from 1992) is online here.
- A (probably illegal) scan of Issue #51 is here. (This is one of the four-and-a-half issues never included in a phonebook (which were collected in in Issue #0.))
- Wikipedia has a very good page on Cerebus.
- This is why I (like everyone else) call Dave Sim a misogynist.
- I'm not sure if this offer is still open (I haven't tried it), but for a long time, if you wrote a letter to Dave Sim, he'd send you a free issue of Cerebus.
- A story about a comics fan attempting to explain to Dave Sim's own cousin what Cerebus is. If you've read my series, you have the background to find this funny.

And, lastly, here are a lot more links if you want more.

Update (3/17): It turns out that another blogger is also writing a multi-part series on Cerebus which I just stumbled upon. His is better than mine; you should go read it. Parts so far: one, two, three.

(Housekeeping: I'm deliberately keeping this post below part eight, since it's just an auxiliary.)

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